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Safety & Security


Safety Drills In Wisconsin State Law

In addition to regular fire drills and tornado drills, Wisconsin state law also requires all school districts to “drill all pupils in the proper method of evacuation or other appropriate action in case of a school safety incident” at least twice a year and "School Violence Drills" once per year. Monona Grove School District is in compliance with both state law and our own board policy.

In an April 2018 memo, families were informed that MG schools have adopted threat procedures known as ALICE (Alert, Lockdown & Barricade, Inform, Counter, Evacuate & Escape). ALICE encourages individuals to make the best decisions based on their location and their proximity to the active threat. When we introduced ALICE to students in April, it was important to not rush into overloading the students with too much information at once. We continue to deliver ALICE in a deliberate way so that students will remember what they are taught and in order for learning to continue to build on the foundation that has been created.

How the drills look: Drilling on school safety incidents will look slightly different based on school building and grade level. These drills could include “talking drills” (reading or age-appropriate activities), “thinking drills” (planning and idea-generating), or active practice drills (calmly practicing barricading or evacuating to a safe area). If you have questions about how your students will participate in these drills, please contact the school principal.

When the drills will take place: We are required to have two drills per year; it is up to the school principal to work with District School Resource Officers (SROs) and others to schedule and plan these drills. 

Moving forward, as of November 1, 2018, we will not alert families in advance of drills; teachers and staff will be aware and will provide additional support to those students who may need it.

More information on ALICE is available here

You can also purchase “I’m Not Scared, I’m Prepared,” a book we use in school about ALICE procedures. 


Talking To Your Children About Safety

Reminders of safe practices help us to make good decisions about personal safety. You can help prepare students for an emergency by reinforcing the following concepts at home:

  • Self-confidence comes from trying things that are difficult and get easier as we practice them.
  • There are many solutions and options when faced with a problem.
  • When we are prepared for difficult situations, we make informed decisions and have more control.
  • Our children are smart and capable, when they have the knowledge about how to prepare and respond.
  • Help your child identify and assess possible crisis situations.
  • Have your child explain the different safety drills they practice at school and when they use them.
  • Discuss the importance of following the teacher’s directions at all times.



School Safety Grants

Monona Grove applied for and received two grants from the State of Wisconsin Department of Justice, totaling nearly $340,000. The scope of these grants is narrow but is nonetheless a welcome enhancement to our own efforts. The grants will pay for:

  • Glass hardening material/shatter resistant films for selected windows in all buildings
  • A video security management system, including some new security cameras
  • Tactical trauma kits
  • Additional staff training in the areas of mental health and crisis intervention
  • An incident notification system

More details are on the MGSD SRO Evaluation process.