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Safety & Security

School safety and the safety of our students, staff, and visitors is a top priority. In addition to physical safety features built into our schools (secure entrances, video security management systems, shatter resistant windows for selected windows, incident notification system, etc.) the Monona Grove School District incorporates PREPaRE (developed by the National Association of School Psychologists) and Standard Crisis Response Protocol (developed by the i love u guys Foundation). 


Safe schools begin with proactively eliminating or reducing the likelihood of unsafe behaviors or events from taking place. Our staff are trained in the evidenced-based PREPaRE curriculum developed by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). PREPaRE training improves and strengthens school safety and crisis management plans and emergency response.


The Standard Crisis Response Protocol guides our response during an emergency. The adoption of these protocols and systems will align crisis response in the Monona Grove School District with national, state, and local agencies and area school districts, and will provide a foundation for sustainable practices moving forward. 


School safety drills are designed to be effective and age-appropriate. Teachers and students will often have “talking drills” (reading or age-appropriate activities), “thinking drills” (planning and idea-generating) before holding active drills (calmly practicing). 

Communication during emergencies

Families receive notification when Shelter, Evacuation and Lockdown protocol are implemented. Administrators work to determine if a message to families should be sent after a classroom hold or building secure protocol. Factors for establishing impact include the age of the students, the nature of the hold/secure, the scale of the student impact, and more. 


Resources for Families 

We encourage families to talk regularly about safety. This resource (PDF) (en espanol from the National Association of School Psychologists is a great starting point and is helpful in providing developmentally appropriate information. Start your conversations now; you can help prepare your child by reinforcing the following concepts at home:

  • Self-confidence comes from trying things that are difficult and get easier as we practice them. Our children are smart and capable, especially when they have the knowledge about how to prepare and respond. 

  • There are many solutions and options when faced with a problem.

  • When we are prepared for difficult situations, we make informed decisions and have more control.

  • Have your child explain the different safety drills they practice at school and when they use them.

  • Discuss the importance of following the teacher’s directions at all times.

Safety & Security Information Night

We recently held a Safety & Security Information that detailed the programs we are implementing at MGSD. The slides from the presentation can be found below as well as the full recorded presentation to the right. 

safety & security slides