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Equity at Monona Grove

Students of the Monona Grove School District have experienced significant, measurable, system-wide inequities in achievement due to interpersonal, institutional, and structural racism and biases. We recognize our historic failure and seek to address how race; language; religion; income and ability statuses; country of origin; sex; gender identity and sexual orientation; and their intersectionality impacts educational outcomes. The Monona Grove School District commits to the disruption of societal and historical inequities and elimination of disparities. The Monona Grove School District believes strongly in the value of diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice. The Monona Grove School District commits to maximizing the educational outcomes for each and every student.

Equity statement unanimously adopted by the Monona Grove Board of Education on September 9, 2020.

The mission of the Monona Grove School District is to be a safe, equitable, and inclusive learning environment for everyone. Our vision is engaged learning where equity is prioritized.

We don't believe that equity means everyone gets the same of something. In the Monona Grove School District, equity means every students gets what they need in order to be successful. Whether it's a higher level of challenge or extra support, each student gets what is needed, in the classroom with their peers. 

This work is embedded throughout our district, in every department, every school, every employee group. 

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Despite decades of educational reform and federal mandates, the United States continues to see growing inequities among students. The Monona Grove School District has been working for several years to disrupt the systems in place that allow these inequities to persist in our own schools. There is always more work to do--the job of creating equity for all students is never complete.

The District has an equity framework for K-12 curriculum, and the School Board has a Teaching, Learning, and Equity committee. There is also a District Parent Equity Council, a District Equity Leadership Team and Equity Leadership Teams in each school building. 

We want to hear from you! Your experiences, feedback, and questions about equity in the Monona Grove School District are important. Please contact to share with us. This email inbox is monitored regularly, and we will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible. 


District Parent Equity Council

The Parent Equity Council is a group that meets regularly with district staff and is comprised of family representatives that have students of color attending Monona Grove schools. The mission of the council is to "continue to improve the experience of students and families of color in the district by offering support, feedback, and ideas. 

Ann Ahearn, in memoriam
Jim Ahearn
Chris Canty
Raquel Diaz
Murali Jasti
Bobbi Jones
Anna Neal
Justin Neal
Alfonso Robledo Valdez
Dan Olson (District Superintendent)
Shelby Steel (District Equity Coordinator)



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English Language Learner Resources

Safe Schools Resources

School and Community Resources and Groups


Christa Foster

Christa Foster

Director of Student Services
Lisa Heipp

Lisa Heipp

Director of Instruction
Danny Johnson

Danny Johnson

Student & Family Engagement Specialist
George Randolph

George Randolph

Restorative Practices Specialist
Jade Sachs

Jade Sachs

Bilingual Resource Specialist
Shelby Steel

Shelby Steel

Student Services and Equity Coordinator & MG21 Administrator