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Coronavirus Information

Updates to this page will be made as needed and as new information is released. This page was last updated on May 30, 2023.

Information for the 2022-23 School Year

Our 2022-23 Operating Plan is here. We strongly recommend you read the entire document to get a full understanding of our safety protocols. 

Beyond supporting the educational development of children and adolescents, schools play an essential role in the development and wellbeing of students. Consistent in-person learning remains our priority; our decisions are grounded in our commitment to keep students and staff safe, physically present, and emotionally supported in school.

Some highlights to look for in this year’s operating plan include: 

  • Masking remains a highly effective mitigation strategy, but is not required except in specific circumstances (see the operating plan for details). Many students and staff may continue to voluntarily wear masks for a wide variety of reasons. Anyone who wishes to wear a mask for any reason is encouraged and welcome to do so. 

  • Checking for symptoms and staying home when sick remains a key safety practice. CDC and state health officials have updated and simplified the list of symptoms. The procedures for checking and reporting symptoms are detailed in the operating plan, but the new Quick Reference guide is also attached and available on our website.

  • Testing at district sites has been expanded to include an additional location at Granite Ridge School. District testing sites will also offer rapid testing for symptomatic students and staff. See the plan (and below) for details.

Key Practices for Safety

  • Vaccination to protect against serious illness and infection of COVID-19 is strongly recommended for those eligible.
  • Frequent hand washing and sanitizing practices will be followed.
  • Symptom monitoring and exclusion of symptomatic individuals continues. HVAC systems are circulating clean air throughout our buildings.
  • Face coverings are recommended and encouraged. Wearing a well-fitting mask or respirator consistently and correctly reduces the risk of spreading the virus that 2 causes COVID-19. At a high COVID-19 Community Level, universal indoor masking in schools and ECE programs is recommended, as it is in the community at-large.

Screening and Reporting

Local Testing Sites

MGSD Data Dashboard

COVID Data Dashboard for 12-5-22. Current positive staff cases: <5. Current positive student cases: 9

MGSD Dashboard as of May 30, 2023.

The Data Dashboard is intended as a point in time / snapshot of active cases and active quarantines in the Monona Grove School District. The MGSD Health Team processes cases and updates as they are reported and as changes to guidance is released. 

*Any cases or quarantine levels under 5 are aggregated/suppressed in order to prevent release of identifiable information.

**Cumulative for 2022-23 school year beginning September 1, 2022.

Anyone, staff or student, with a positive test for COVID-19 is in isolation and is not recounted in the quarantine category.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will stop tracking Community Levels of COVID when the federal emergency declaration ends the week of May 8, 2023 and will not be included in the MGSD Data Dashboard as of May 8, 2023.

Resources and Information

Important Resources

The coronavirus situation changes frequently. For the most up-to-date information, visit the pages below.


Student Services Request for Assistance Form

If you would like to consult with a Student Services team member regarding your child's social-emotional wellbeing, a mental health issue or any challenge you're experiencing during the school closure, please complete this brief form and a School Counselor, Psychologist, Social Worker or Nurse from your child's school will respond to you within 1-3 days.


Looking to Help?

The student services team is working hard to support all our families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our MG community is filled with generosity and we have had several individuals reach out, inquiring about ways to support those in need. If you find yourself in a position to offer assistance, donations of gift cards are the biggest need. Please contact (Cottage Grove) or (Monona) if you would like more information on how to donate.


Talking to Your Family About Coronavirus

Some schools are reporting an increase of student anxiety related to illness and pandemic planning. Consider talking with your student(s) as a family. Some suggestions include:

  • Stick to the facts. It can be scary to hear about a disease outbreak, but learning the facts can help ease your mind.

  • Help your student remain calm, and assure them their risk is low. 

  • Remind your family that when we are prepared for difficult situations, we make informed decisions and have more control.

  • It's important that we avoid assumptions or stereotypes about who you think may be sick. Viruses cannot target people from specific populations, ethnicities, or racial backgrounds. A person’s race does not make them more or less likely to be sick or to get sick. 

Additional resources for talking with your family:


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