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4K-2 Grade Configuration

At their meeting on October 11, 2023, the Monona Grove School Board unanimously supported a vote to implement a 4K-2 grade configuration for both Cottage Grove School (currently grades 1-2) and Taylor Prairie School (currently grades 4K-K) beginning in the 2025-26 school year. 

Process: Attendance Boundaries Decision

On January 31, 2024, the Teaching, Learning, and Equity Committee recommended approval of the charge for an Ad Hoc School Boundaries Committee, which the School Board approved at their February 14, 2024, meeting. The Ad Hoc committee will begin meeting in April. The committee is made up of two School Board members, six staff members, and four community members. Dan Olson (Superintendent) and Katy Byrnes Kaiser (Director of Communications and Community Engagement) serve on the committee ex-officio (non-voting). Click here for a full list of members. 

The committee will be responsible for responding to information and recommendations providing local perspective that honors the school district's goals of equity and diversity during the creation of the new school boundaries and feeder patterns required to implement the new grade configuration. The committee will also provide structured feedback around the impact of boundaries on the local community, and provide feedback on and participate in any community engagement events around the attendance boundary decision. 

The committee has its first meeting on April 29 and additional meeting dates are tentatively set for May 6, May 20, and June 10. The committee will submit its recommendation to the Board no later than September 6, 2024. 

Working Timeline

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Current vs. New Grade Configuration

current schools and grade configurations
current schools and grade configurations

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Background and Process: Reconfiguration Decision

When Granite Ridge School (serving Cottage Grove students in grades 3-5) opened in 2021, Taylor Prairie School became a 4K-K building and Cottage Grove School became a grades 1-2 building. The decision on how to configure these grade levels was made in 2018 by the Monona Grove School Board. Now that the schools have operated in this configuration for two years, the School Board requested a review looking at successes and challenges within this model. 

The School Board’s Teaching, Learning and Equity (TLE) committee has heard from all the elementary principals and from district administrators on this model and a discussion with the full School Board was held at the June 14 Board meeting. Based on a recommendation from the members of the TLE committee, the School Board indicated that they would like to further examine reconfiguring both Taylor Prairie and Cottage Grove Schools into neighborhood schools where each school would serve students in grades 4K-2. The TLE committee engaged in a further review based on three key considerations: the student experience, the financial impact, and communication and engagement with families, staff, and the community. Once the review was complete, the committee presented their report and a recommendation to the School Board at their meeting on Wednesday, September 13. At their October 11, 2023, meeting, the Board voted unanimously in support of the recommendation to implement a 4K-2 grade configuration for both Cottage Grove School and Taylor Prairie School, beginning in the 2025-26 school year. 


Reconfiguration Decision-Making Timeline


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