The Monona Grove Education Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit corporation whose primary mission is to raise funds to support projects and programs that will enhance educational excellence in the Monona Grove School District.

The Foundation is supported solely by generous gifts from individuals, groups, and businesses. Funds from the Foundation will be primarily used to support the needs of the Monona Grove School District and to implement proposals that show promise of enriching the educational opportunities throughout the district. Funds may also be provided to support meritorious extra-curricular projects and to assist in the acquisition of educational materials and facilities.

Through funding of innovative and original programs, the Foundation seeks to take the educational experience beyond the expected level. These resources will enhance the total educational program and expose students and staff to new perspectives in learning. It is the Foundation's expectation that programs and projects supported by the Foundation will help refine educational innovations to ultimately provide Monona Grove students with added knowledge and skills.

The following list of Foundation purposes is illustrative of some of the types of educational pursuits which the Foundation intends to support:

  • Grant and administer scholarships
  • Provide lecture funds
  • Support student and staff projects via grants
  • Acquire special materials or equipment
  • Retain and show appreciation for teachers and others affiliated with the District
  • Generally improve or maintain quality education
  • Encourage exploration and skills development for staff
  • Funding of enrichment programs (i.e., academic, fine arts, athletics and other programs)
  • Support students in need
  • Involve the communities in the schools

The Foundation will promote and support its goals based on initiatives of the Foundation Board. Key criteria to be considered by the Foundation when awarding funds in support of specific educational projects (consistent with the objectives of the Foundation), include the following:

  1. The written application must clearly state: the educational or extra-curricular goals; the amount of the grant requested; the proposed budget for expenditure of grant funds; an implementation schedule and evaluation process.
  2. The proposed grant recipient must be a demonstrably responsible person or organization.
  3. The grant proposal should reasonably attempt to avoid duplication of work by other organizations which are already serving education in the community.
  4. The proposal must address specific community educational opportunities or problems and propose constructive solutions.
  5. The program must relate to education or educational objectives of the Foundation.

The Foundation is independent from the Monona Grove School District and the Monona Grove Board of Education. However, the Foundation will give the Board of Education written notice of any funds awarded and will not award funds for projects which are inconsistent with the educational mission of the Monona Grove School District. The Foundation may use school facilities as a meeting place and as a registered office.

A board of directors governs the operations of the Foundation. Directors are elected to two-year terms, and may be reelected. All directors serve without pay.

Except for operational expenses, all funds received will be expended to fulfill the Foundation's objectives and on behalf of the Monona Grove School District. The size and number of grants given is governed by the funds available, and Board decisions.

The Foundation will accept any size and type of gift. However, the Foundation reserves the right to reject any gift that it determines, within its exclusive discretion, to be inappropriate. Cash, bequests, memorials, and other property contributions are greatly appreciated. The Board intends to apply for charitable, tax-exempt status so as to provide additional assurance to contributors that gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible. Please give generously.

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  • Monona Grove School District
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  • Phone: (608) 221-7660
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